Arizona General Stream Adjudications


If you have questions about how the AZ general stream adjudication may impact your water rights, contact an attorney. All information below is strictly informative and does not constitute legal advice.
Below are links to current news and information regarding the Arizona General Stream Adjudications

The Judicial Branch of Arizona 


Arizona Department of Water Resources 

-adjudication info

Arizona Department of Water Resources 

-FAQ on New Use Summons and Statement of Claimant Forms
-FAQ on De Minimus Domestic, Stockpond, and Stock & Wildlife Watering Uses in Verde River Watershed

Do you think you have water rights in Arizona? File a Statement of Claimant immediately with ADWR. 

FAQ - Questions you may have

Why do you need to file a SOC?

“You must file an SOC so that the adjudication court will be aware that you are claiming a right to use water. Even though you may have received a permit, certificate, or other form of approval from ADWR for your water uses, an SOC must be filed for the adjudication process.” – Arizona Dept. of Water Resources FAQ’s

Do you have a well? Do you live in a proposed subflow zone? 

– if so you could be pumping surface water, and may only have ground water rights. For example, if you live near the verde river and have a well, you could be pumping the water from the verde river through subflow.
Click the link to see if your property is in a proposed subflow zone.

What is Subflow?

  • Subflow is underground water, usually found bordering on a stream, considered to be part of the surface stream and subject to the same laws and rules as other types of surface water. At the Court’s request, ADWR has issued the subflow zone report which proposes a subflow zone for the Verde River mainstem and the Sycamore Canyon Subwatershed, for the purpose of assisting the Court in distinguishing between subflow and other underground water. – Arizona department of Water Reapurces website
Very informative article from AZ Central on subflow and it’s effects in San Pedro Watershed (San Pedro watershed adjudication is now mostly complete. Verde River Watershed is the current focus area in the adjudication.)
Examples of Statement of Claimant forms for the Verde River Watershed
For information regarding the proposed AMA designation for the Willcox Groundwater Basin, click links below. The voting will occur on November 8th, next week.
There are currently 5 AMA’s (Active Management Areas) in Arizona. Douglas and Willcox are both being proposed to be the 6th and possibly 7th AMA.
5 current AMA’s 
-Santa Cruz

State-Wide News

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